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Global climate policy is fading from the spotlights after Paris COP21, called historic. However, the Agreement is a collection of words of intention, without mandatory steps to take immediate action; again many years more are going to be lost in the fight against climate change. The real lesson of G. Hardin's TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS is: do not spoil goodwill and willingness to act in vague voluntarism, but create from it 'mutual coercion mutually agreed upon'. E. Ostrom developed practical recommendations how to do this. Please find my analysis and proposals in Self-governance in global climate policy: An essay. Your comments and support are welcome.

The contribution by academia to innovative energy policy may be significant. Disruptive analysis and novel propositions are necessary for the U-turn in energy systems and in societal activities. In March 2014 incumbent energy interests organised a restoration push to prolong the life of obsolete, non-sustainable energy technologies (e.g. nuclear and base-load fossil fuel power plants), in this way extending the lock-in by non-sustainable energy systems.

In Sustainability assessment of nuclear power: Discourse analysis of IAEA and IPCC frameworks is revealed how public and policy-makers are deceived by a biased discourse on the merits of nuclear power. IAEA is known and expected to advertise promotional literature on nuclear power. However, the astonishing finding is that IPCC (AR5, WGIII, 2014) adopts IAEA's position, while skipping the critical literature on nuclear power. IPCC failed in its basic mission: impartial and comprehensive assessment of the globally available peer-reviewed literature.

A crucial longstanding issue in CHP is the scientifically based, proper assessment of the quantity of co-generated power in mixed condensing-cogeneration operation of mainly extraction-condensing steam turbines. Our method solves this issue, and was presented at the HEFAT conference. Now further documented in an article published by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and at the DHC-CHP conference in Seoul.

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